Ovral G

Ovral G


Ovral G is an oral contraceptive tablet assumed as an effective method to avert an unexpected pregnancy. It is an assemblage of two hormones in a single pill. Every sachet of Ovral-G comprises 21 tablets of 1 month in which some are hormone-comprising supplements & 7 placebos (non-hormonal) supplements. Ordering Ovral G 28 online for contraception, you will get facilitation in your monthly periods. You can also get moderate menstruation pain & comfort in pre-menstrual symptoms such as distending, distension or weight gain.  One can get frequency in menstruation, crucial dysmenorrhea, which mostly found accompanied with pain comprising menorrhagia, or a heavy bleeding, in female, who actually exercised contraception to prevent from pregnancy. Most of the women prefer these birth control pills by purchasing Ovral G online in a reasonable or cheapest price.

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How does Ovral-G works?

It integrates two hormones known as Ethinylo Estradiol, an artificial Oestrogen, & Levonorgestrel, a mock progestogen that work jointly to defend an undesired pregnancy. It works by barring the egg maturing & devastating ovulation, besides deterring the progress & coagulating the endometrium (surface layer of the uterus) in formation of embedding, so that it un-succeed to feed the egg for implanting and growing. One supposed to consume Ovral G continually to check an effective contraception, which holds 21 days of hormonal pills supervised by 7 days non-hormonal pills, which results moderate and less pain during menstruation.

Dosage direction of ovral-G

It is advised to consume Ovral G 28 pills daily with a plentiful of water. Every kit of Ovral G contraceptive holds 28 tablets in which 21 are white hormonal contraceptive & rest of 7 are red placebo, which is a non-hormonal drug. You will face a mild bleeding while taking this pill. You need to start with new sachet every month. 

Safety therapy

Do not over intake the dose run as it has been directed. A woman allergic to estrogen & progestin must avoid consuming it in any manner. A women facing extreme health condition or disease must consult & get sanction from the doctor. A person in the condition of stroke, blood clots, hypertension, diabetes or liver, must avert consuming this medicine. Do not take any other medicine along with this supplement. 


Head pain, dizziness, nausea, stomach ache, stomach disorder, etc. are widely seen form of side-effects.


Store the medicine in the room temperature.

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