Privacy Policy holds an exceptional privacy policy for customer profile security & protection. Here, the privacy policy works hand in hand with the medicine listed on our site.

  1. We consider the personal information of the customers secure and secret & never use for any kind of promotion purpose.
  2. We use and run under advanced secure technology to sustain the information fortified.
  3. We keep stern restraint of spamming or participation of any third party linked with your emails or purchasing process.
  4. The updates will be cognizant of you through private emails.
  5. recognizes your pleasure & is fervent to protect your privacy. Our site is listed with the information regarding our products, services & promotions to facilitate you’re ordering process.
  6. We make usage of our customer’s email only for the purchase of allied issues. We value your privacy & your precious time.

About Your Account Details

While placing an order, we will generally ask you to make an account & login gen that will embrace all significant info such as name, email, shipping address, credit card & other related details. We precisely make usage of such information to contact you due to certain inconsistencies with an order or your account gen. we do not mete out your precious information to anybody else. You are allowed to change your account details if in case you wanted to make some changes or have given any wrong information.


The appropriate computerized, factual & directorial processes have been set to safeguard & secure the facts we collect online. Well, the customer’s private & credit information will be completely encoded by using SSL encryption technology prior to being directed out through the site. We use SSL technology to make your vital information safe and secure and from being pilfered or detained while sending it to you. Your credit card gen will be completely retained in encrypted form & in a restricted contact database, which is beside adopted to keep our site’s database safe from hackers.

Obligation to Privacy:

Your discretion & credit card security is decisive for us. The personal information, which we get from you comprising billing & shipping name, address, email, phone, & credit card will always use in a secure manner. We don’t share it with mediators for marketing determination, or for any other resolutions.

You’re Comments:

We love to hear the feedback. If, in case you have any soundings or declarations about our privacy policies.