Terms and Conditions

While placing the order on DayNightHealthCare247.com the most eminent online pharmacy store, you need to go through the terms and conditions mentioned on this site. As it may clear your doubts and may facilitate the ordering process; Why these listed terms and conditions have been asked to go through since most of people seem to be unfamiliar with the ordering process and limitation? These terms and conditions make you know some vital points to be remembered prior to placing the order. Once you get agreed with the terms and conditions mentioned on this site, you may safely approach with the process of ordering. Each and every work comprising the texts & logos is precisely owned by us & shields by patent laws & Intellectual Property Rights. This method is engaged to create our association safe, secure, legal & trustworthy for the customers.

  • An ordering person must be above 18 of age, he/she must not be below 18 of age. No access is offered to the individual who is found below 18 years of age.
  • We have all the medicine listed on our site that has been sanctioned by the FDA and the rules commanded by it needs to be followed.
  • DayNightHealthCare247.com deals only with online selling, not with manufacturing procedures. We work legally and we are the precise legal wholesaler.
  • We deal with superior quality products and brands.
  • Anyone indulging in the misuse of publication, distribution, alteration, transmission, or licensing of info and details listed on this website or any method of selling the listed products (medicine) is sternly forbidden.
  • The medicine prescription listed on this site is exactly proposed for the informatory purpose and doesn't position correspondent or auxiliary for health care expert counseling.
  • If in case you got your condition turned more complicated you need to rush to the health care specialist for assistance. We are here to provide you with the concerned medicine to help you deal with the health complication. You can’t take us as a complete physicians. We can guide you on the dosage direction, but in case you face any sort of side effects you need to consult the physician.
  • Moreover, selling any of our listed drugs (medicine) by the customers to any other company/person is completely constrained.
  • We request our customers to keep scrutinizing our site on a regular basis or on every time purchase, to get updates of rules & regulations. As it may possible that the rules and regulations may get changed or amended in a week or month.     

We really THANK YOU for accepting our efficient terms and conditions & your friendly assistance in enchanting, this relationship to the next level & trusting on the principle tactic.