Prescription Policy doesn’t propose or deal with any of the non-prescribed products (medicine). You will get all the medicine listed on our site prescribed by the physician. We sell the remedies under the appropriate prescription. Moreover, we do not exactly deal with providing any kind of healthcare guidance.

Actually, we have qualified & experienced healthcare experts with us where they take care of authentic purchases. Further, we are not actually concerned about the side effects you get after having the medicine. In, this case you need to seek the help of a healthcare specialist. Customers are suggested to study the medicines completely and take them under the physician’s guidance or supervision.

Listed here are some pointed things where doesn’t need absolutely any legal concern.

  • The Allergies that cause by an intake of actual medicines.
  • Medicines that exert with regard to unauthenticated physician prescription, which obscure the actual healthcare concern.
  • If certain undesired effects took place with the medicine we are not responsible for it. As in many of cases, people exert the medicine incorrectly or overly.
  • Any unfamiliar medical hitches may lead to cause a harmful effect.
  • Exercising medicine in over amount and causes any sort of severe side-effects we are not responsible for it.


Follow the accurate prescription and the direction of the medicine before consuming it.

We assure you that you will get accurate and effective medicine. We use all the prescribed medicines, so you need not vacillate about anything related to medicine