How To Utilize The Abortion Pills To End An Early Gestation

What are Abortion Pills?

Medical Abortion is a non-surgical procedure to terminate an early pregnancy with medicines also called Abortion Pills - Mifepristone and Misoprostol kit. It is safe and reliable to use and does not cause any severe side effects if used as directed. Medical abortion can generally be performed before or up to 63 days. one can get Abortion Pills from the DayNightHealthCare Online Shop at a reasonable price. Mifepristone progesterone pill, Misoprostol prostaglandin pill    

Consider a few points before using Abortion Pills

Confirm Your Pregnancy

One needs to confirm if they are pregnant, if not then one can avoid taking unnecessary medicines. 

Make Sure That You Are Less Than 9 Weeks Pregnant

The termination pills should not be used in women whose pregnancy is longer than 63 days. one can have an ultrasound to know the gestational age and if is it normal. 

Have access to Emergency Care

Although complication related to pregnancy termination pills are rare and is safe and effective to use. But it's still best to use these termination pills only when one is able to get healthcare professional help within 2 hours or less if needed. 

Make Sure You Don’t Have Any Health Issues

If has a certain health condition such as heart problems, liver, or kidney disease, or blood clotting disorder should not use it unless recommended by a healthcare expert. Also, if using any medicines for any specific condition consult with an expert before using them to avoid causing any serious health risks. 

How to take Abortion Pills?

Buy Abortion Pills online with a combo of two medicines which are required to use to complete a procedure of medical Abortion:

Mifepristone progesterone pill

It consists of 200mg strength and is consumed by mouth after a couple of hours of a meal. It is swallowed as a whole, and one should not break, crush, or chew the pill. 

Misoprostol prostaglandin pill

4 tablets of Misoprostol are taken at intervals of 24 hours taking 2 tablets at once. It is administered buccally or vaginally as directed. One can order Misoprostol online, and a single pack contains 4 tablets while each consisting of 200mcg strength. 

How do these Abortion Pills work?

Progesterone is a hormone that is necessary to maintain a pregnancy and grow normally. Purchase Mifepristone online which blocks the activity of the Progesterone hormone, and this action causes the lining of the uterus to break down, making it incapable of supporting a pregnancy.

When administered Misoprostol pill, it works by softening the cervix and causing the uterus to contract. This action causes cramping and bleeding to empty the uterus by flushing out the embryonic tissue from the body.


You are pregnant and do not want to continue with it. It’s not easy to make a decision but you should not let anyone force you into something you are not comfortable with. Know about the options, consult with professionals, understand the risks and benefits and then decide. Give some time to yourself, and if you require support reach out to counselors and ask all your doubts until you don’t have one.

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