Can you exchange baby formula without a receipt?

Most of the time, you’ll just get a replacement item or store credit. For formula, though, you’ll need a receipt. Many parents have stated on forums that cashiers will not even let you exchange the item without a receipt. This may be due to WIC guidelines and to prevent scams.

Does Walmart exchange baby formula without a receipt?

Yes, you can return the formula at Walmart as long as you have the receipt. … If you don’t have the receipt, contact your local store and ask them.

Can you exchange baby formula?

It’s almost always possible. If you’ve recently purchased baby formula and no longer need it, most stores will allow you to return it. … Keep in mind that regardless of a store’s return policy, most retailers won’t allow you to return baby formula if it’s been opened.

Can you exchange formula purchased with WIC?

Women who have nursing infants can get a WHOLE BUNCH of baby formula on WIC. … The problems with this is that it is illegal to return items purchased on WIC. WIC items that are defective or out of date may be exchanged for non-defective products. Nothing else.

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How do I return something without a receipt?

You can try it, but if it doesn’t work, try again with some other evidence of your purchase (at another store or with a different representative). That means at the very least bring the credit card you used to purchase the item, or (even better) a bank statement that shows the purchase on a specific date.

What do you do with unused baby formula?

If the leftover powdered formula is unopened, you can donate it to a food bank in your area or give it to your local church that has food shelters.

How much can you return at Walmart without a receipt?

The merchandise may be returned and a cash refund provided if the refund value of the returned item is less than $25. The merchandise will be returned and a Walmart shopping card or gift card is provided if the refund value of the returned merchandise is equal to or greater than $25.

Can you exchange formula at Kroger?

Baby Formula Returns – Customers must have a receipt in order to refund / exchange baby formula. Baby formula purchased using WIC cannot be returned due to USDA regulation, but can be exchanged for the exact same item (Example: a damaged or dented item may be exchanged for the exact same product).

Can you sell baby formula on eBay?

Answers (2)

Baby formula can be listed only if all of the following conditions are met: Your listing specifies the expiration date of the formula and includes the following text: This baby formula is not expired – the expiration date is <mm/dd/yyyy>. It’s against eBay policy to sell expired baby formula.

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How do I return Enfamil?

Returns. Request for credit for products purchased through the Enfamil Shop must be made by contacting the Enfamil Resource Center at 1-800-BABY123. Returns will only be accepted for full, unopened shipping cases within 30 days of the receipt of the product.

Can you exchange unopened formula at Target?

hides content. Most unopened items sold by Target in new condition and returned within 90 days will receive a refund or exchange.

Is selling baby formula illegal?

You are permitted to sell any baby formula you have acquired legally and not through government programs like WIC (it is a violation of Federal regulations to attempt to sell or gift formula that was obtained through the WIC Program).

Do I need the card I paid with to get a refund?

When you make a purchase and pay with your credit card, you don’t actually pay money to the merchant. … Rather, the retailer will issue a refund to your credit card account. This is why you usually can’t receive a refund in any form but the original payment method. It has to go through the credit card company once again.

Does Best Buy return without receipt?

Regarding returns and exchanges, Best Buy does typically require a receipt to complete returns or exchanges. See our Return & Exchange Promise for more details. With this said, in the event an item was given as a gift, we do understand that sometimes a gift receipt may not be available.

How can I get proof of purchase without receipt?

What is Proof of Purchase?

  1. Lay-by Agreement;
  2. Receipt number or confirmation number for telephone or online transactions;
  3. Credit card statement;
  4. Warranty Card showing a supplier’s or manufacturer’s details, date and amount of purchase; or.
  5. Serial or production number.
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