Can male guppies have babies?

However, guppy eggs are fertilized by the male while they are still inside the female’s body. The eggs develop into tiny miniatures of their parents that are born alive and ready to fend for themselves. Sometimes female guppies produce young long after the males have been removed from the tank.

Can male guppies get pregnant?

Like other poeciliids, guppies are livebearers with internal fertilization. Males provide no resources during mating, nor do they defend territories against rival males. Furthermore, females can store sperm for several months and produce a succession of litters from a single insemination (2).

Do guppies need a male to have babies?

Although it’s not possible for a female guppy to get pregnant without a male, it can appear that she did. Research has shown that a female guppy can hold a male guppy’s sperm for 10 months or possibly longer.

Can male guppies change gender?

No, guppies cannot change their gender, you might have purchased a pregnant female by accident. … An easy way to tell male and female live-bearers apart: look at the anal fins. The males have a gonopodium which looks like a stick where the females have a fanned anal fin.

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Can you keep male guppies without females?

Male guppies can live without female guppies. But, like all creatures, male guppies also have an urge to breed. So, if they do not find any female guppies around, they will become restless and show signs of aggression. It is therefore advisable to keep female guppies in your tank.

What do guppies look like when mating?

It is shaped like a rod and slightly pointed, and it’s located just behind his ventral fins. The gonopodium contains a tube that actually delivers packets of sperm to the female. Guppy mating takes less than a second, and it looks just like he is stinging her at her vent where her gravid spot is located.

When should I separate my pregnant guppies?

Since a single insemination can produce a series of broods, it is best to separate the sexes as soon as possible so that you can control which males father the next generation of guppies. The new fry may be ready to reproduce in as little as three months in some cases.

Are my guppies fighting or mating?

Chasing. While some levels of a guppy chasing is normal (especially when a male chases a female), constant chasing definitely isn’t. If a male is constantly chasing other males, or if a female is constantly being harassed, then it may be bullying and fighting occurring, rather than mating behavior.

How often should guppies be fed?

Feed your adult guppies a small amount of food one, two or three times a day. Feed them no more than they can eat in about five minutes so the uneaten food doesn’t foul the water.

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How fast do baby guppies grow?

Guppy fry are easy to keep, but their growth to maturity takes about three months and that can sound like a lot! They’re not hard to keep, but you need to make sure you provide good nutrition and conditions so they grow well.

Why are my male guppies chasing each other?

Seeing guppy fish chasing each other isn’t uncommon at all. In fact, it’s normal mating behavior. Usually, you’ll see males chasing female fish all the time as they’re trying to mate.

Can a guppy and a Molly mate?

Is guppy and molly hybrid possible? Yes, it is possible under certain circumstances. If you have male and female guppies in the tank, and male and female mollies, it will be hard to cross-breed. However, if you have just one male guppy and two or three female mollies, this will be possible to cross-breed.

Why did my guppies die so quickly?

Poor Water Quality

The most common reason for guppies dying in your aquarium is the poor water quality. … The lack of oxygen in the water can also cause guppies to die. Putting too cold or too warm water in your aquarium will cause death to your guppy fish. Tap water contains chlorine, which is deadly to guppy fish.

Can 2 male guppies be kept together?

I have never seen guppy males actually set up territory or anything that would cause confrontation. Very peaceful fish. Males can be kept with other males no problem in my experience. The thing they do good is when 2 are racing after the female 1 gets there than the other fastest fish first.

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Can you keep a single guppy?

It’s absolutely fine to keep one guppy alone, particularly if you own a very small tank which would cause cramped conditions if you were to keep several.

Will male guppies fight?

Anyway, to cut a long story short, yes, male guppies fight, and yes, if their fins are repeatedly damaged then problems like finrot can occur. They may calm down once a pecking order is established, but don’t bank on it.